Chains of Animation

These chains, unearthed during a Sumerian archaeological dig, were one of many items which activated during the SOD event. Necromancy practitioners communicated with ancient beings of arcane power and soon divined the chains qualities and location. They learned it could be used to transform a normal corpse into a Necrotic Golem.

The necromancers broke into the museum and stole the chains, in hopes of using the golem to steal the Life Stone from the Celestial Reliquary. Once this is done, they hope to bring an age of darkness to this world.

The chains were activated successfully and the golem was created in the form of Grimm. However, the necromancers failed to successfully cast the necessary binding spells, so now Grimm is a self-aware, free willed creation.

It has recently been discovered that these are the same chains used to kill the historical figure Rasputin… who may soon be resurrected and want them back.


Chains of Animation

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