Filipino Tong-Kuza


The many small, immigrant gangs of the city were being crushed under the boot of the Russo-Irish/Italian Mob. Most were displaced out of the city or killed off. The many differing Asian gangs also conglomerated for survival. Their leaders agreed to a series of honorable duels which resulted in a single, uncontested leader all the gangs would fall in line underneath.

This organization specializes in drugs, specifically heroine, to generate funds. It’s also suspected they receive funds from overseas businesses and/or governments. They also specialize in intercepting and stealing contraband from the Russo-Irish Italian Mob.

Much like their ninja ancestors, they see their organization as a culture of honor, tradition and excellence. They specialize in stealth, subtlety and finesse. Some sub-groups prefer traditional weapons while others embrace moderns weapons and advance technology.


Filipino Tong-Kuza

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